The OPT Job Requirements

Optional Practical Training is training facility provided by the USA government to the International Students for certain duration along and after their graduation. Majority of all the international students are eligible for this kind of temporary work authorization which provides training in the real working field but to apply for OPT jobs there are OPT job requirements which needs to be fulfilled. Those who wish to work on the F1 visa (Visa for International Students) must ensure their stay and studies in the United States of America.  While their stay in the USA should be primarily for the studies, they can apply for the OPT jobs. This keeps a restriction on the employment to be limited only for the international students.

There are various OPT jobs available for the OPT students but not every student can apply for the OPT job unless he/she completes the OPT JOB REQUIREMENT.

  1. The first requirement is to hold a legal and valid F1 visa.
  2. The visa status should be maintained for one full year finding work in the related field of study
  3. The work can only be started after the start and end dates suggested by the University
  4. To apply for OPT; there is mandatory requirement to fill and submit I20-form.
  5. After the verification of I20-form, it is compulsory to fill 765 form
  6. EAD card is needed before the student can start working
  7. If the OPT period is fully consumed then CPT cannot be done.
  8. There are certain restriction on travelling while on the OPT period

It is not OPT JOB REQUIREMENT but advisable to choose the start dates near to the expected arrival dates of EAD. Work permit to the students is granted by the USCIS, the EAD card is issued by the USCIS after the regular formalities have been completed by the student.

UMID is the Unified Multi-Purpose ID given to the F1 students on the approval of their work permit, which have to attach with the EAD card in order to work in the legal manner. The condition to apply for the OPT work permit enforces the candidate to wait for the 90days before the end of their academic program and 60 days after the start of their graduation.


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