Total Dhamaal movie review

After Dhamaal and Double Dhamaal, the franchise returns to the big screen with Total Dhamaal. The movie features Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor who join Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Javed Jaffrey and Sanjay Mishra in lead roles. The movie’s trailer had promised a mad ride and we’re here to let you know if it’s worth spending your money on this one or not. The story is not new. Eight greedy characters come to know about a hidden treasure in a zoo. Like the first Dhamaal, Total Dhamaal too follows the set pattern of the first film. Instead of four characters, here are eight people who split up and hunt down the zoo in order to get their hands on the Rs 50 crore jackpot. The first one had Sanjay Dutt playing the corrupt cop who wants a hand in the treasure, but the new movie has Boman Irani playing the bad cop. Do the characters find the treasure? Do they become rich? We’re not revealing the spoilers yet. What Worked? Madhuri Dixit is the star of this mad movie. Her comic timing in every scene she appears is brilliant. Be it a witty banter with Anil Kapoor or her emotional take in the climax, it was a treat to watch her. Arshad and Javed keep the Adi and Manav charm intact. “You’re so smart, Adi” continues to find its way into the movie. Riteish packs in some laughs but you don’t tend to take a slice of him back home when you leave the theatre. Mahesh Manjrekar is outstanding! The actor doesn’t have enough scene presence but when he comes on screen, you cannot take your eyes off him. Special mention for Jackie Shroff. The actor voices the GPS in the movie in his own style and boy; I want him to guide me home every day. The movie has several references to older 90s movies including Gupt and Koyla. There is also a dig at Rohit Shetty. If you enjoyed the first Dhamaal, you are bound to find yourself laughing in Total Dhamaal as well. It keeps the charm of the first movie intact while exploring the storyline with some new faces. What did not work? Ajay Devgn seemed out of his element in the first half but manages to scrap through in the second half. We’ve seen him do better comedy movies in the past. Sanjay Mishra uses “bro” every time he would talk to Ajay in the movie. After a point, it got annoying. › Reviews

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