All about the screen: Samsung working on smartphone with camera hidden under its display

SEOUL [SOUTH KOREA]: The obsession with thinner bezels and more screen is taking a new shape in Samsung’s laboratory which is reportedly working on a device that will boast a perfect screen on the front with a camera that is hidden.

As reported by Yonhap, Samsung is developing cameras and sensors that can be inserted beneath the screens of smartphones to create a perfect full-screen device.

The said technology will build on the Infinity-O Display, used on the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a hole-punch camera on the front, to deliver a full-screen experience.

The company notes that while creating a full-screen smartphone won’t be possible in the next 1-2 years, the idea is to develop the technology to a point where the camera hole is invisible.

Samsung is looking at developing Crystal Sound OLED display which allows the screen to double up as a speaker. The technology has been used by LG for its G8 ThinQ.



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