Why Aamir Khan carried his own dinner to Shah Rukh Khan’s dinner party once


Unlike many other actors who make do with prosthetics, Aamir Khan is known to transform himself for roles. We have seen him bulk up for Dangal (2015) and lose weight for Ghajini (2008). At a recent book launch event, he revealed that changing one body’s for a role is a tough task indeed and one has to be super strict. He made a funny revelation of how he carried his own dabba/tiffin box to dinners and parties. The superstar went on to reveal an interesting anecdote. He narrated how Shah Rukh Khan invited him over to Mannat for a dinner party where he carried his own food. The party was thrown to welcome Apple CEO Tim Cook to the country. Aamir was observing a strict diet for Dangal and was not allowed to eat outside. Aamir Khan told the audience, “If you ever meet Shah Rukh, ask him this. He’ll tell you a good story. Apple’s Tim Cook had arrived with 4-5 people at his home, from America. So Shah Rukh invited us all to dinner. Gauri (Khan, Shah Rukh’s wife) told me to not leave without having without having dinner. I assured her that ‘Yes, I’ll have dinner’.

When Gauri Khan told him that a sumptuous dinner was laid out for the guests, he said he would eat and go. But what happened next is surprising. Aamir states, “She said the food is served. I told her ‘No, no. I have my own tiffin box.’ They were like ‘Yaar, you’ve come to our home and brought your own food?’ I told them it is not a formality; I am just following my diet. This was during Dangal.”

The superstar will soon start work on Lal Singh Chaddha, which is a remake of Forrest Gump. The Hollywood film starred Tom Hanks and won a number of Oscars. He needs to lose 20 kgs for the film. The actor said, “We have started the prep work on the film. The shoot will start from October. I will be prepping for six months. I have to lose weight. I will be losing 20 kgs. I have to be lean and slim.”

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